Maine Brewing Taste Testing

May 22, 2016

The 8bitbros (Joe and Wren) had a chance to do a Maine Brewing taste testing of the hard to find craft beer from Maine Beer company at Maloney’s Pub in Matawan, NJ.  The list of beers that were on tap at the time of the tasting were:

  • Beer 1
  • Beer 2
  • Beer 3
  • A Tiny Beautiful Something
  • Red Wheelbarrow
  • Zoe
  • Lunch
  • Another One
  • MO

We had samples of each beer and full pints of some.  I must say, that Maine Beer Company does not make a bad beer.  While some of them are better than others, they were all good and are definitely on the top my list to have if I ever see them on tap again.

Maloney’s is a local pub in the Monmouth County with over 150 taps, with at least 100 beers on tap at any given time.  The bar has excellent seating at tables around the bar and at the bar itself.  It’s well lit with floor-to-ceiling windows in the front that open and allow patrons to walk in and out and enjoy a nice breeze when the weather calls for it.  The bartenders are well-versed in all tap beers, very friendly and encourage discussion about the beers with them.  Visiting this pub was definitely worth the trip to Matawan and I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.

While it’s hard to pick a favorite, Lunch’s keg kicked in less than hour of my arrival, making it the favorite by popular choice. I started with Zoe, on the darker end of the offerings, and found it very flavorful.  After that I tasted Lunch, and found it better than Zoe, but it had a very different taste.  Next up, were the numbered brews.  All of them were good, but I think Beer 2 was my favorite of the group. After that, I tested Another One.  Another One was tasty, but have to say both Lunch and Beer 2 were better.  Last up was A Tiny Beautiful Something and it ended my evening.

If you read the list above, you realize that I haven’t mentioned the MO or the Red Wheelbarrow.  I’ve enjoyed them previously at another venue in Asbury Park, NJ.  Both were tasty, but I preferred the Red Wheelbarrow over the MO.  It’s easier for me to talk about these two, having one each in a single setting, and not a bunch of taste tests and pints.  While I remember how I felt about each of the beers at Maloney’s, it’s hard for me to distinguish them now as I went through them all in one sitting, as opposed to my Asbury Park visit.  As for the Red and the MO, the MO was a lot more bitter and the Red was a Red Ale.  I am partial to red ales and enjoyed the Red Wheelbarrow over the MO, but again, both are really good beers.

Maine obviously knows how to brew an awesome beer and they take care in the process.  I encourage anyone who enjoys a good beer, and by good, I don’t mean the every day beers you find in the liquor store or your local supermarket.  If you get a chance and find Maine in store or at your favorite craft bar, give it a try.

I could go on and give a full review of each beer, but would rather hear what you all think of Maine Beer Company and their beers.  I have on my wish list to try Breakfast and Dinner, but these beers are rare in my area so finding them may be a little difficult.  Please let us know, what your favorite Maine beer? What are other beers 8bitbros should try? Please comment and let us know your experiences and suggestions.

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  1. Good work here!

    • Thanks Kurt!

      Lets figure out a time that we can have you on the show and talk all things beer!


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