Pokemon Go! The new hotness?

July 12, 2016

I have been seeing a lot of this “Pokemon Go” stuff lately, and let me start by saying I am a fan.  If you listen to the 8bitbros podcast, then you know I am a Pokemon master in all regions to date, and therefore had to download this game. While I have not put in as much time as I like, because I do have a day job and responsibilities, I am enjoying it.

It took a lot for me to get used to throwing a pokeball at these little monsters and actually catching one, but once I got that down my frustration levels subsided.  I have caught maybe a total of about 10 pokemon since I downloaded the app and plan to travel when I can to try to find different types of pokemon in different areas. The game definitely gets me off my ass and I like that.

I walk… a lot… every day.  After work I tend to take a 5K or more walk when I get home to get a bit of cardio(?).  Normally I see absolutely no one during my walk except other runners, power walkers, commuters from the bus and those are few and far between.  Now, I see something I have not seen in a while. Kids. Kids outside, with friends, walking, and working together to catch Pokemon.

This app has definitely (for the moment) have gotten kids off their butts and outside again.  It has shaken up the norm in my area and I like it.  I like to see people (kids and adults a like) going outside and moving around.  For to long, have kids been inside playing video games, watching TV, glued to a computer or tablet, etc.  While the Pokemon Go players are still stuck to a screen on their phone, they are at least outside doing something.

In the park this week, I have seen more families and children walking together than I have in the last 3 years I have been visiting the park.  It was hard for me to walk my current course at my normal pace because people were in my way. Do not get me wrong, it was frustrating, as most were not paying attention.  That being said, after thinking about it, I realized that people were getting out and moving around and this is not something I have seen since I was a child.  I can appreciate that.

So I give a “atta boy” to Nintendo and Niantic for getting kids and families back outside. Enough of this writing, I have Pokemon to catch!

Let me know what you think about Pokemon Go in the comments below!

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