Google Halloween Game

October 31, 2016

So I played the Google Halloween game.  It’s pretty fun.  I like these simple flash-like games.  I used to play all these things when was actually good, and not the shell it has become.  For those new internet users, was a site where users would upload flash video and games for others to play.  It was a playground on the internet for fun things to watch and play before youtube and browser games were a thing.

The game on is about a little animated cat trying to get back a book that was stolen by a ghost.  A Simple story line. As as the cat you chase the ghost with wand in hand.  As you chase, you have to defeat smaller ghosts and other ghostly things by drawing the symbols above their head. again, simplistic yet entertaining.

I have found that the game is a lot easier with a stylus on a tablet or Wacom device.  Trying to play this game with a standard mouse or track pad makes the game a lot tougher.  I started playing using the mouse and after getting to round 4 and then experiencing extreme frustration, I decided to try my hand at using my tablet/stylus.  On the first try I owned and beat the game.  So there is a little hint for you out there trying to win.

Take some time out of your day to go try out the game, it only take 5 minutes to play and possibly be hooked.

Where you able to defeat all the ghosts? What level gave you the hardest time? Do you have any other tricks for beating the game? Let the 8bitbros know what you think of the game and your highest score in the comments below.  We love to hear from our listeners/readers.

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