The trials and tribulations of being a cord cutter

October 31, 2016

How many people here are cord cutters? Come on raise your hand! Don’t be shy! Hey you in the back … I know for a fact that you are a cord cutter, why so shy?

Cutting the cord is a decision most people either make because the are pissed off at the cable companies for charging them exorbitant amounts of money each month for Cable TV, a telephone (that most households no longer use) and the “HOOK” so to speak the home internet connection, or they no longer see the value in traditional cable tv because they spend their time binge watching something on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

Personally I have been a cord cutter since 2010, and i’m not upset in the slightest about it. My TV habits have morphed to the point where consuming content is at very random times for me, an episode on the bus to or from work, maybe one or 2 while i’m laying in bed at night, or as background noise if I happen to be working from home. I am the proverbial binge watcher, and to me its quite blissful.

With that being said I am also a huge sports fan and finding live sports on the interwebs is not the simplest thing to do, and one of the primary reasons people will choose not to cut the cord. I feel that this is slowly becoming a non-reason to keep traditional cable. Twitter for example has struck deals with most of the major sports organizations in the United States. Their eventual plans are to let anyone, whether they’re a Twitter user or not, watch live-streamed games from the National Football League (NFL), NBA, MLB and NHL. This is just one example of non-traditional viewing experiences, other services have popped up with the target market being the “cord cutter”.

Dish has launched SlingTV with varying tiers of pricing, with the orange tier being the lowest at $20/mo for 20 channels and going up to the $40/mo Orange + Blue which is as they put it ALL the  channels the service has to offer, the sticking point for me here is if I want the sports package (that includes NFL Redzone) they offer its an additional $10/mo on top. This pisses me off as its following the cable company model where they nickel and dime you along the way. PlayStation, or should I say Sony, is also in the game that has a tiered system called Playstation Vue that starts at $40/mo for 60+ channels all the way up to $75/mo for every channel they offer plus HBO and Showtime. Problem with this for me is (A.) I don’t have a PlayStation and (B.) the cost is also the same as traditional cable when you include what your paying for internet plus the cost of services. For me this would be about $500(needs games too) to get in the door with a recurring of approximately $150/mo.

These are 2 of the largest services that are currently available, with others being recently announced like the DirectTV Now ,or what ever they are calling it, will be $35/mo for over 100 channels that they say “won’t suck”. This is the first service at a proper price point that actually intrigues me. What about SlingTV you may say? I’ve been keeping my eye on all of the services but I have had friends that say the services can be unreliable especially on a Sunday night when the Walking Dead is premiering a new episode. So if i’m going to pay for a service I want it to be bullet proof, and actually be more affordable with out the cable/satellite pricing structures. But again, all of these services go against my principles of being a cord cutter, it’s services that is offering me a shit ton of channels that I would most likely never watch. It’s trying to suck me back down the rabbit hole and im just paying someone different for my bullshit content.


I want the ability to purchase the channels that I want to watch and you can keep the rest. This is not a difficult concept, but one that I think I will continue to wait for. There is too much politicking and such to make this a viable way to sell content.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that CW has dropped their own application where anyone can watch any of there shows free of charge and with out a Cable subscription login.  CW I applaud you, you’re making the advertisers pay and we get the content free, maybe others will get onboard with this model and we can finally start moving forward to being able to watch what we want, when we want, and not have to feel like we are in the circus to do so.

Have other services that I missed? Want to give me your opinion? Hit the comments below!


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