Adobe Max 2016

November 9, 2016

I was reading up on the Adobe Max 2016 event that was recently held in San Diego at the Convention center and was impressed with the products and announcements Adobe came out with.  The new features in Premier and After Effects were amazing. From real time editing, licensing, and creating 3D images without rendering and being more hassle free of switching programs was pretty amazing.

Jason Levine, who was the presenter for After Effects and Premier, was nothing short of an Amazing speaker.  He came out full of energy and spoke to the crowd with such excitement. We all know that technology speak can be boring, but this man made it very entertaining. If he has this much excitement for everything, I am pretty sure I could watch him talk about the way paint drys.

Jason started by focusing on a video he took on a “device you use everyday”.  He then takes his video of him in Amsterdam and the sites he visited.  The first thing he did was add cinematic color to the first part of the video with the creative panel in After Effects and uses the preview viewer as he changing the hue, intensity, faded film, and S-Curve.  He gives the lifeless images….life!

He continue’s about the a lot of the great things After Effects and premier offers, and I could go on and on about them, but the few that I thought were the best were the licensing of an image from Adobe and doing it all in the same program. Also, using HSL secondaries to target a certain color range with the eye dropper tool to correct only that color, using the mask he could see what exactly what is being corrected.  Amazing! The other great thing is that if he is editing in Premier it auto-updates what he has in After Effects.

Unfortunately, I am not doing this presentation justice and thing it should be watched.  If you are interested, please look at Jason’s video here on youtube.  You won’t be disappointed.

Next, I watched the Zeyu Jin panel about a new product Adobe will be releasing (probably in the next 18 months or so) called Voco.  Voco is an audio editors dream.  This new product will allow audio editors to take speech and add/move it around.  It’s like Photoshop for audio.

Whoa! What?

Yes! You can change audio, like people change pictures in Photoshop. You can now change anything a person says and twist it.  To show this off, Zeyu brings out Jordan Peele from the Key and Peele show, and using his voice he moves and changes what Peele has said from a previous interview.  From the interview Zeyu pulled the following line:

“And I kiss my dogs and my wife”

He plays around with that line and moves wife before dogs so the line reads:

“And I kiss my wife and my dogs”


Eventually, Zeyu changes it all together and making Jordan say:

“And I kiss Michael three times”

This product is going to change the way people edit audio, and make it extremely easy for others to make it look like people are saying things they never said.  This software will definately have an effect on the audio editing world and with people who just want to have fun with peoples voices to make them say weird stuff.

The Voco is probably the most exciting thing that I watched on the Adobe Max videos and suggest checking out the Voco video here.  If you don’t get a nerd boner over these products, then I think you need to hand in your nerd card.


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