Dr. Strange the new best Marvel Movie

November 15, 2016

Is Dr. Strange the new best Marvel Movie? I think so.  This movie is very different from all the other super hero movies Marvel Studios has put out to date.  Don’t Agree? Maybe you will after reading my review.

Most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies follow the main character on his/her journey into becoming a “superhero” (including Dr. Strange) and others have the hero being born with their abilities (Thor) and in this sense Dr. Strange is no different. It is an origin story after all.

Where I think this movie is set apart from the others, is that there is a lot more supernatural elements as well as visually stunning effects to bring this character and the movie itself to life.  Anyone who has followed Dr. Strange in the comic lore, knows that he can travel through the multiverse and that most of his adventures transcend the multiverse and are unknown to most people of the “normal” dimension.  By normal, I mean the world humans see in the MCU.

This is the first time in the MCU that we have a superhero of a sorcery type and it’s a big step.  In the past (in my opinion) any time Marvel attempted using “magic” in a story line it fell flat and made me feel that “magic” could just fix everything.  For example,

I did not get that feeling from this movie, maybe its because it’s an origin story and Strange has not reached his full potential. Maybe Marvel has found a way to tell the story to make it more believable that a being of this type could exist and has put limitations on him that are not so outlandish, that one rolls their eyes.  Unfortunately, this will remain to be seen as I am sure there will be more movies with Dr. Strange in the future and we will see his powers develop.  If it comes to the point where he is more like an unstoppable magician that can use magic to just fix everything, I am going to have to tap out.

Let’s look at the special effects of this movie now.  This movie fucks your eyes in a good way.  What I mean by that, is anytime Dr. Strange moves between his astral projection and his normal body and the way they made him look ghostly was simply amazing.  Then there is the multiverse scene, where the ancient one pushes the Doctor through various universes, each one more visually stunning then the next.  It is hard to describe, but is amazing.

Lastly, the folding earth,  When the ancient one or Kaicellus start bending the Earth or move through the mirror-verse during the climax of the movie it definitely shows the creators and visual teams pushed themselves to the limits.

Back to story line, I believe this movie had one of/if not the best endings in any MCU movie.  There is no big fight scene between good and evil and relies more on a test of mental breakdown between the protagonist and the movies ultimate antagonist. I felt this was a great change to watching an action sequence of two super beings beating the ever living piss out of each other until the good guy ends up wining.

I am sure my explanations are not doing this movie justice and suggest anyone who is even 1% interested in going to see it, should, as soon as possible.  For the visual effects, the ending, and the great acting this movie tops my list.  If I was to put my top 5 MCU movies in Order it would be.

Dr. Strange, Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy

Let me know you think of Dr. Strange. Let me know your top 5 Marvel movies and why.  Maybe my next article I talk about why each one of these makes my list.  What are your thoughts? Give me your feedback in the comments.


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