What’s the point in Watching…

July 28, 2017

As we move forward into the realm of user created content we have to ask the question, “What’s the point in watching?”.  Now that we have the question. Is there one answer? I have found a resounding No seems to be more the case. If I speak from a personal perspective I will tell you that I watch YouTube for more “How to and non main stream News”, and then for entertainment value and whats most popular in one my favorite subjects “Gaming” I have chosen to watch Twitch. I won’t call myself a cable cutter but i have a very limited relationship with “traditional television”(mostly Ancient Aliens) but it’s a guilty pleasure.  With that out there now WHY? Most people use these platforms to entertain or to inform. I find it to be the most uninhibited form of free thought and expression that provides people with a place to share similar ideas and to express differing points on those subjects. I feel that this form of expression and the ability to bring like minded communities together will be the best way for the people now and in the future to build and grow as a society.

Some will test and try to condemn this form of expression  as a passing fad that makes no sense. To those people I say dive in and explore it for your self. Try and find a subject or game that you enjoy and then do just as you would with your TV or newspaper or even magazine and keep changing them until you find the right one for you. When we put ourselves in the company of other like minded individuals we find a spark of similar creativity. Now that is just my perspective. I found out from other people that they feel more connected to their programming because the control they have in finding that one person that makes them feel wanted or even appreciated as a viewer of their content.  Others have stated that the verities of content available have open their eye to subjects that they did not even know they interest in. And then some just like the ability to let others know they are full of junk and are the root of why some others do not respect the platform. When you break it down we have the right to receive information and entertainment how we see fit and should  try to keep an open mind about new forms that come along because it is another opportunity to progress. It might not all be great but when has it ever been, I mean we do not travel by cart on stone wheels do we?

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