Wren a.k.a @rendermann
The OG of the 8bitbros is a creative startup monger who dreams up and creates world class mobile games and applications for the business and consumer worlds. Nights and weekends he is a beer snob, home brewer, video game junkie, nerd and geek culture enthusiast. As Co-Host and On Air Producer of the live shows Wren drives the proverbial bus and creates the weekly games for the boys and guests to play. Wren is one of those people that finds humor in everything and anything, he isn’t afraid to poke or jab fun at anyone … this includes himself. One thing to know about Wren is he calls it like he sees it and doesn’t pull any punches.

An avid life long New York Yankees, Green Bay Packers fan he brings an interesting perspective to the sports conversations. With little to zero knowledge of NASCAR he is in search of the ultimate racing question “Did they turn right yet?”.

Find him mostly on twitter @rendermann and gaming on Xbox Live and Sony PSN as @rendermann



Webby a.k.a @webboy10169

An original pioneer of the internet over 20 years experience in web technologies.In the mid to late 90’s worked for an agency out of NJ as the Director of Internet Technologies, along with the team and our sales force, was responsible for putting some big companies on the internet first.

TostitosFiestabowl, NokiaSugarBowl, Bayer Pharmaceuticals/AG/Diagnostics/AnimalCare, AmericalEagleOutfitters. Was the lead developer on such sites as Cambrex, Corr, Osteotech, MTF, Adventis, and TTT. Worked on many public and private Pfizer projects.

Lead the team on many in-house productions that were firsts on the internet such as Arcmesa Educators, the first instant certification online continuing education website, EKG Online the first medical database for heart patients, and Irex a private and anonymous commercial real-estate website.

In 2001 almost burnt out from the hustle and bustle of working on million dollar projects Web started his own firm. Still working with many big pharma clients, we began to focus on mom and pop shops helping them see the need for an online presence.
I am a beer drinker & brewer, football fan and technology geek. you can listen to my rants and ravings at www.8bitbros.us


Thump a.k.a thumpnloud

Hey all this is Thumpnloud of the 8bitbros a.k.a the local Redneck. I am a hard core gaming geek and sports nerd. I would like to think my best games are Racing and Strategy based games although I dabble in the FPS a little. Big time NASCAR fan and long time Washington Redskins fan. I play both PC and console games (XBOXOne). I also love riding my motorcycle all over this amazing country and meeting all the wonderfully different people out there. Who knows I may be passing through your area soon, and if so I may need a place to stay. 😉