We here at the 8BitBros are dedicated to craft beer, especially being home brewers. Our love for beer goes way deeper than the InBev giants. Don’t believe us Just ask @webboy10169, his beer log started in 1992 is bursting at the seams with tasting notes on over 2000 beers. What about @rendermann, just look at his Untappd profile and you’ll see how dedicated he is to the art of craft beer. And then theres @thumpnloud our resident redneck hick who will stop at nothing to try and drink any and all beers possible.
His Untappd profile is growing quickly!

With new craft Micro and Nano brewery’s opening up everywhere in warehouses and strip malls across the land, we feel it’s up to us to help spread your word and product. That’s why we’ve opened up our airwaves to you the special people who craft such fine concoctions. We would love to have all of you on our show to talk beer, explain your process (keep the secret stuff secret) talk threw some of your thought process on the more daring and wild beers you brew.

Reach out and contact us! All we ask is, if state law allows, please send us samples so we may drink your beers as we chat with you live on air! Now we don’t want to seem cocky or arrogant but keep in mind there are 3 of us. So if at all possible send enough for Three people to sample.

From the time contact is made we will do everything in our power to have you on with in 3 weeks. We will ship your samples out to our co-host in North Carolina once we receive them at the 8BitBros studio. Then it’s nothing more then joining us on air Tuesday night between 8-10 pm EST (Don’t worry we’ll give ya all the details on how to call in!)