Rachael is as real as it gets. One of the freshest and most original storytellers of today, she writes characters in all of their offbeat, unapologetic, and charming ways. In Stage 13 Original I LOVE BEKKA & LUCY, written and directed by Rachael, she shares with us her very personal story in the most lyrical and relatable manner. We’re so lucky Rachael grew up in New York where she attributes her cool creativity to attending a Waldorf School! She has graced writers’ rooms at TBS and ABC with her sensibilities and worked on projects in development at MTV and Nickelodeon. Before receiving her MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Rachael wrote an original screenplay for the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), a Nobel Prize nominated organization that funded her year-long stay and film in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Her play, Dead Fish, had a successful run at HERE Arts in Soho. Rachael’s unique talents have been recognized by many as she has been a finalist in NBCUniversal’s Emerging Writers Fellowship, Hedgebrook’s Screenwriters Lab and Sundance’s Episodic Storytelling Lab. While living in LA, Rachael created, wrote and produced a comedy web series, I Love Lucy and Bekka, starring Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez, which showcased at the LAFF in 2015.

I love Bekka & Lucy is a Stage 13 Original, best friends Bekka and Lucy live together on an abandoned block where they enjoy keeping to themselves with their roaming backyard chickens and getting to the town pool early enough to avoid interacting with other people. All is well on their blissfully secluded block until a new neighbor moves in next door and Lucy’s boyfriend unexpectedly proposes.


I Love Bekka & Lucy episodes:

I Love Bekka & Lucy Season 1, Episode 1 (7:23)
Bekka and Lucy are best friends and roommates living blissfully on their abandoned block when a new nosy neighbor moves in, shattering their woodsy dreamland.

I Love Bekka & Lucy Season 1, Episode 2 (7:24)
Lucy’s longtime boyfriend Harry surprises her on her birthday with a grand gesture.

I Love Bekka & Lucy Season 1, Episode 3 (5:16)
Bekka embraces her Best Person role and is excited to spend a whole day celebrating Lucy’s birthday doing all of the things that they love most…until Glenn shows up.

I Love Bekka & Lucy Season 1, Episode 4 (11:02)
Bekka and Lucy reluctantly invite Glenn over for a HOC marathon but when Lucy is whisked away by Harry for a romantic staycation, it leaves Bekka abandoned…with Glenn.

I Love Bekka & Lucy Season 1, Episode 5 (13:47)
Bekka and Glenn share an intimate moment. Meanwhile Lucy starts to fantasize what marriage and motherhood might look like – in the most awkward way.

I Love Bekka & Lucy Season 1, Episode 6 (7:22)
As Harry starts to become more involved with Lucy’s favorite things, for the first time Bekka feels like the third wheel.