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As a writer, producer, and director, Vera Miao is thrilled to make artful stories that genuinely reflect the diverse world as it is today, confront contemporary social issues, and celebrate her lifelong love of and joy for TV and movies, including horror and sci-fi. Born to working class immigrants from Taiwan, Vera worked for many years in the nonprofit, social justice sector and then as a professional actor before she focused on writing and directing.


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8BitBros brings you a very special guest Writer/Director/Producer Vera Miao who’s latest psychological horror anthology series “Two Sentence Horror Stories”, which has received recognition from major film festivals, including Tribeca Film Festival, LA Film Festival, Outfest, SeriesFest and Fantastic Fest and won the FOX Inclusion Award at this year’s Outfest. Vera Miao and the creative team behind ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’ produced five chilling and twisted episodes with a cinematic aesthetic that will keep horror fans on their toes and wanting more.

Two Sentence Horror Stories” episodes will premiere every Tuesday in the following order:

  • Ma” (directed by Vera Miao): When Mona falls for Erica, the new neighbor next door, she learns how far Ma will go to keep her “perfect” Chinese daughter home.
  • Snap” (directed by Danny Perez): A notoriously cruel celebrity blogger dismisses a mysterious foe as harmless…until he wakes up to a video of himself sleeping on his own phone.
  • Guilt Trip” (directed by JD Dillard): After picking up a victim of police brutality, a Good Samaritan is forced to rethink her decision on the dark and isolated road with the stranger in her car.
  • Singularity” (directed by Vera Miao): After a transgender biohacker implants revolutionary technology into her own body, she is terrified to discover she can tap more than just the internet.
  • Second Skin” (directed by Ryan Spindell): When a street-smart young woman accepts an invitation to a luxurious spa, she discovers just how far the powerful patrons will go to stay on the cutting edge of beauty.

The five-episode series will be available on go90.com, part of Verizon’s global media portfolio of video content and platforms with a new episode available starting on October 3rd, and the final episode drops today on Halloween!

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