Yes its that time for another episode of the 8BitBros, and what kind of shenanigans with the boys be up to tonight? it’s anyone’s guess as usual. You can bet there will be some football talk with the amount of craziness that took place this past Sunday. Were also at the half way point around the NFL, so be sure to tune in to our mid season report and ranking of the playoff picture as it stands.

In the second hour we are joined by Horror Game Producer Mathieu Côté of Behavior Gaming to talk about everything that is Dead By Daylight!

If your not familiar with this video game Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror online multiplayer video game developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios. Dead by Daylight was released for the Microsoft Windows operating system in June 2016, and released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home consoles in June 2017. The game is 4v1 with one player acting as the killer and four players acting as survivors, whose sole intent is to kill or survive, respectively.

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