Tonight we chat about the ever evolving NFL playoffs, and the disappointment the NFL has become, we bring some important tech news on the feet of CES, we chat about another clothing company blunder, At the nine o’clock hour we bring on a special guest from Danial Munoz to talk and discuss their new craft beer on tap at home system “The Sub”.

THE SUB® is a revolutionary home draft system. It’s an easy to use appliance that keeps your beer chilled and pressurized for up to 2 weeks. Developed by KRUPS®, the SUB® is the only appliance on the market that allows you to enjoy beer from HOPSY’s craft brewery partners the way it was intended to be enjoyed; draft, fresh, and perfectly chilled.

So be sure to tune in tonight and drink along with us!

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So be sure to chill your beers drink along with us tonight at 8pm EST Live only on WBLZ Media And don't forget the official hashtag #teamHOFO

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