WHAT?!? 3 HOURS? Yep thats right were kicking the Tuesday night off an hour early! That’s right West Coast Drive time we got you all the way down the 405 or up … does it really matter?

A lot of crazy things have happening in the world over the past week and we are most definitely going to talk about them! Zeke … 6 game suspension, esports blowing up right in front of everyone, the world we live in is teetering on an edge. This will sure be a fire cracker of a show!

From the fantasy front we will break down some of our targets and those we have zero interest in with our boy Booga Peters.

So be sure to chill your beers drink along with us tonight at 7pm EST Live only on WBLZ Sports

Listen @wblzsports http://bit.ly/2bPBQY4

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